HDX Systems in the
Production Suites & CTMI Booth

The new Production Suites in the 160 building are equiped with cutting edge Pro Tools HDX systems, Avid Artist Controls and Artis Mixes, as well as a Mackie Big Knob to route the cue and monitor mix signal. Explore the following tutorials to get up and running on each of these powerful new tools.

System Restore

For Default settings, perform a system restore at the end and or beginning of your session.

Configuring Pro Tools to Record

Here are the basic settings you'll need to get Pro Tools ready for recording.

The Big Knob

The Mackie Big Knob controls both sets of monitors in the control room, as well as cue mixes to the headphones, and talkback to the booth.

Recording in the Booth

Setup a microphone to record vocoals, or other acoustic instruments in the isolation booth.

Vocals in the Control Room

You can record vocals with your vocalist in the control room next to the engineer.

Guitar in the Control Room

Setup an amp in the booth, connected via DI box, and keep your guitarist in the control room next to the engineer.

Laptop & iPod/iPhone Connection

Connect your laptop, iPhone, iPod, or other mobile device to the audio and video monitors in the control room.

Artist Control

The feel and functionality of a physical mixing console for use in Pro Tools, rather than having to click and drag faders.

Artist Control Pt. II - Changing Fader Order

If you'd like, you can switch the order of the faders on the Artist Mix and Artist Control, so that the tracks on the faders run left to right.

What AAX Plugins are all About

Understand the new AAX plugin format, and DSP vs. Native Plugins.

Using the HDX system in the CTMI Booth

An introduction to the Pro Tools HDX system, and using the faculty testing setup in the CTMI booth.