Sharing Files with Others

Once you have found useful files, what can you do with them? You can share individual files with specific people, or share collections with whole groups of people. You can also insert media you find here into your Inside Berklee Course. Watch the video for information regarding sharing via collections, the easiest ways to share a large group of audio, video, and PDF files. Step by step instructions for sharing individual files, or embeding them in Inside Berklee Courses are available below.

Select the Items

Sharing items follows a similar process to adding items to collections. Once you have found an item, to select it, click the Add to Selection checkmark. Alternatively, you can click the in the empty white space of the box that surrounds it. This will highlight the item, and will also make a new Selection box appear at the top left. If you made a selection in error, you can click in the same empty space on the item again, or click Clear All in the slection box to deselect all items.

Share an Individual Item

Some individual items are marked as "Downloadable." These items will have an additional Send button appear in the selection box. Click send to send a link to that specific item to an individual. It should be noted though, that for copyright compliance, many items in the Berklee Digital Media collection are not downloadable. If it is a PDF, Image, Audio, or Video file, it can be "embedded" into Inside Berklee Courses.


If you wish to "embed" an item into your Inside Berklee Course, you can click the links button below the preview image. Choose the embed tab, and click on the code provided. To copy it, hold the command key down on your keyboard, and press the letter C.

You can add this to your course anywhere you see the text editor.
Use the Toggle Toolbar icon first to show more options.
Then click the HTML icon which will bring up a new text box.
Paste the embed code by holding the command key down on your keyboard, and pressing the letter V.

Sharing a Collection

If you would rather share several files at once, you can choose the Share as Collection button. You will first be asked to name the collection, and give it a description. The name is required, the description is not. Note that this group of items will be available under the Collections tab for you to refer to later.

*Sharing a collection will only work with: Images, PDFs, Audio & Video.

Choose Recipients

At this point you can choose who to share this with. You'll want to click the + Add New Recipient button, and put in an email address and name of someone to send it to. Repeat this process for each individual recipient. They will be remembered in the future, so you'll only need to add them once to the system.

Wait, can't I just share a link directly to a collection instead of emailing everyone?

You sure can! If this is a group of items that will be acessed by students or a large group, you can copy a link to this collection, and paste it into your Inside Berklee Course, or anywhere else for that matter. Start by going to the Collections tab, and clicking the Edit button next to the collection to share.

Get the Share URL

Find the Share URL in the left column. If you see the word Share and nothing underneath it, click on the word share to show the link. Copy that link by highlighting it, and pressing Command + C, or by going to Edit > Copy in the menu bar. Now that link can be pasted into your course in IBC.

Add a URL to your Course

Login to Inside Berklee Courses, and choose the appropriate course. Turn Editing On, then click Add an Activity or Resource in the appropriate section. Choose URL from the list, click add.

Paste the Link, and Save

Give the link an appropriate name, like "Course Videos" or "Sheet Music Collection." Now paste the link into the box labled URL. Save and return to your course, and you will now have a link to that collection for students to use.